Coaching and Entrepreneurship

Coaching and Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is an attitude, a lifestyle, a dream that goes beyond the creation of a business.

Entrepreneur is who persist and resist, not who starts a business, its a road,  independence, innovation and leadership at the same time.

In the 30s Peter Ducker concerning innovation and entrepreneurship speaks of disruptive innovation which he defines as: «Innovative entrepreneurs aim high achievers. They are not content with improving what already exists. They try to create new values ​​and new and different satisfactions; …» and «if there is no immediate application, innovation will be schemes of Leonardo da Vinci: a «brilliant idea.» And few have the talent of Leonardo and can expect their notebooks schemes ensuring them immortality» here refers to the practicality, pragmatism in the concept of ideas implemented and also as last pearl of knowledge explains that «Innovation is out observe, question and listen. Successful innovators use the right and left sides of the brain. Studying the figures and people.» Observing the environment as a source of innovation.

Who embarks on a business, a project, an idea or an innovation and accept risk as part of your life, this risk that is inherent to life and assume it is the process to learn from successes and failures to which we will face as entrepreneurs.

But the biggest risk is not risk, because you will never achieve what you want if do not take some risks. Therefore the entrepreneur takes risks, uses the ability to analyze processes and people to implement knowledge and achieve goals.

But in all this, where a Coaching process could be developed?, well just to go for it using different tools to keep an open mind to possible solutions and different views of the same problem or objective, which will support the entrepreneur to take calculated risks and make an action plan for each of the processes that means entrepreneurship.

First of course, go through a process of self-knowledge, using analysis tools such as DISC, Gallup Streghts Finder, personal SWOT analisys, etc… to take the person from point A to point B, being the point A the venture, a business idea, and point B, the ultimate goal to which you want to go with entrepreneurship.

Some clients tell me, my goal with my venture, my business, my company, my distributor, is: to be free, to live alone, to be independent, I want to be an executive, I want a cool and momentous project to influence people lives, etc… true entrepreneur human motivation is there … not just open a business, not only in starting to make money, but to transcend itself, to innovate, to be free and independent.
Coaching supports the entrepreneur to have an open mind to the opportunity, always focused on the resolution of an issue or problem with a vision, with a view of the thousand and one possibilities to work something out and get to the goal.

With Coaching entrepreneurial ideas are clarified, deadlines are set, the procrastination of the tasks is deleted, the possibilities, perhaps without this process, might appears that the road is only one, and passed the linear thinking thought systemic, wherein the ratio of the events are circular.

With Coaching you cant teach to have brilliant ideas, can only use tools to identify opportunities and know the important points to consider.

Coaching in the process of entrepreneurship, it is an invaluable tool for anyone who believes in the development, fresh ideas and innovation. Benjamin Franklin said that «investing in knowledge always produces the best benefits.» Therefore, if with a coaching process we invest in developing entrepreneurs, supports to see opportunities and create an action plan leading to the objective, goal or dream, I assure you that we see better and faster results than acting alone in the world of entrepreneurship.

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