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Coaching and Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is an attitude, a lifestyle, a dream that goes beyond the creation of a business.
Entrepreneur is who persist and resist, not who starts a business, its a road,  independence, innovation and leadership at the same time.
In the 30s Peter Ducker concerning innovation and entrepreneurship speaks of disruptive innovation which he defines as: «Innovative entrepreneurs aim high achievers. They are not content with improving what already exists. They try to create new values ​​and new and different satisfactions; …» and «if there is no immediate application, innovation will be schemes of Leonardo da Vinci: a «brilliant idea.» […]

Emotional Competencies

Bisquerra, R., y Pérez, N. (2007). Las Competencias Emocionales. Educación XXI, 10, 61-82.
Define competence is the first thing that comes to my mind … because in the business world we are judged by the development of a particular competence and at the University as teachers we want to develop certain skills in students.
We can then quote here some definitions taken from Bisquerra article:
Competence is a «set of knowledge, skills and abilities required to practice a profession, to solve professional problems independently and flexible and be able to work with the professional environment and work organization» (Bunk, 1994, 9).
It can […]